Freese, Peralez and Associates, LLC

is a CPA firm that works with individuals and small to mid-sized businesses in many different industries and specialized situations. We serve entrepreneurs and small business as well as larger, established companies. Our clients include all sorts of individuals from those with high income and net worth to average working families.

Our Mission

Working hard to make a better life for your family and the next generations is a core American principle. However, these goals are often hindered by burdensome regulations and a punative tax system. Our mission is to provide clients with the best possible perspective to understand the challenges they face and the opportunities available to them. With a particular focus on taxation, FPA provides sophisticated tax planning and strategies to clients of all types and sizes. We look at each client’s situation as an opportunity to create a unique, custom-fit strategy that works for them, not pre-packaged solutions that claim to be “one size fits all”.

Our firm is based in The Woodlands, Texas. We are proud to serve this wonderful community. Our clients, however, are all over the Houston metro area as well as in many other states.


To observe means to notice or perceive something and register it as significant. It requires watching developments carefully and attentively. This is how FPA keeps clients informed of and alert to changing tax law. By staying current with tax law and regulations, potential benefits are identified and upcoming challenges are met with full understanding.


Listening is one of the most important skills, whether in personal or business situations. Have you ever felt that you weren’t being heard or understood? That nobody was concerned about what you were trying to communicate? At FPA we practice “active listening”. Our goal is to completely understand the issues that are important to you. You’re not meeting with us to hear us talk. You want confidence that your message has gotten through, loud and clear.


Execution is where the plan developed from observing the technical and legislative tax developments and listening to our clients’ issues and concerns is carried out. Accomplishing the plan that has been carefully developed through collaborative effort is where everything pays off. When a sports team loses a game how often does the coach say, “We had a good game plan. We just didn’t execute.”? FPA professionals have the experience to make sure your plan succeeds.